Mister Jim Fundraising

Big Brand = Big Sales

Little Caesars® is one of the best known brands in the world which makes Pizza Kits easy to sell! Your customers will ask you for them again and again!

Big! Big! Profit

The more Little Caesars Pizza Kits your group/organization sells, the more dough you make. You can earn $6.00 for each item sold! You'll be amazed at how quickly your profits add up!

Value For Your Money

You expect quality and value for your money. Little Caesars is known as a value leader and you'll find that Pizza Kits deliver with superior taste and affordability. Each Kit includes everything you need to make at least 3 delicious family-size pizzas at home in less than 10 minutes! You'll be delighted with Pizza Kits, value, quality and convenience.

Little Caesars Quality

Little Caesars Pizza Kit products are made with the highest quality, freshest ingredients available! Our ingredients are carefully selected on the basis of quality, taste and nutritional value. Your expectations will be exceeded by our delicious freshly baked crust, 100% real Mozzarella and Muenster custom cheese blend, our unique sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes, specially crafted spice blends and quality toppings.

Make $6.00 dollars profit per kit.

Free brochures and prize program.

Free delivery to your location with sales of 100 items or more.

We provide an electronic tally sheet or we'll tally for you!

Our new pallets fit through average size doors for a quick and easy setup.

Check out PizzaKitFundraisers.com for more info